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Jul 09, 2015 · Can you imagine potentially having the world’s longest tongue? Since her high college days, Adrianne Lewis, now 18 and a college freshman, created a

Les Stewart from Mudjimba, Australia, holds the world’s record of typing all numbers from one to one million in words (not numbers). He began in 1982 and finished

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86 Years of ‘I Do’ Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher maintain Guinness World’s Record for longest marriage. by Carla Adair Hendricks, AARP Bulletin, Updated Feb. 14, 2011|

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America Now Holds the Record for the World’s Longest Pizza, Go USA. Over a mile of pizza!

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From the World’s Biggest Penis to the World’s Largest Vagina, check out some of the weirdest sex world records you may not see in the Guinness Book. (largest penis

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Early life and education. James Strom Thurmond was born on December 5, 1902, in Edgefield, South Carolina, the son of Eleanor Gertrude (née Strom; 1870–1958) and

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Nov 12, 2012 · Stig Severinsen – 22 Minutes Guinness World Record Breath Hold – http://www.breatheology.com – FREE Breatheology Academy! Stig Severinsen, PhD in Medicine

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