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Gender Differences in Communication. Communication is the means by which ideas and information are spread from person to person. People use communication to express

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The number of computed tomographic (CT) studies performed is increasing rapidly. Because CT scans involve much higher doses of radiation than plain films, we are

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An introduction to Metatonin, a pineal gland secretion that helps us access higher understanding.

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Płeć – zespół cech o charakterze struktur i funkcji pozwalających na sklasyfikowanie organizmów na męskie i żeńskie. W odniesieniu do organizmów płci

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Sex Is Honorable In Marriage by David Padfield. The American home is in trouble today. The statistics are rather depressing: 26% of all American babies are born to

The Heretical website is a collection of humorous and enlightening articles on many topics. Included are sex differences, female psychology, human games, science and

New developments in cognitive science are unraveling the mysteries of emotions; the findings have much to teach us about how students do—or do not—learn. John

The Difference Between the Male and Female Brain. Mark B. Kastleman. Significant differences exist between the male and female brains. Although what follows has been

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Research on gender and education reveals a disconnect between teaching practice and the needs of male and female brains. Something is awry in the way our culture

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My results on the “What Sex Is Your Brain?” test. Photo courtesy of Science Museum, London. Science Museum, London . Overall, the test viewed women as generally good

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