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I get the feeling of a presence of a ghost when i am trying to get to sleep at night. It has happened twice to me now. The first time it grabbed my arm, and I was

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Lesson Three: European Rivalry for the Pacific Northwest . HMS Discovery, ship of George Vancouver, left. Princessa Real, ship of Manuel Quimper, 1790, right.

Russian fur trade. Before the European colonization of the Americas, Russia was a major supplier of fur pelts to Western Europe and parts of Asia.

The Economic History of the Fur Trade: 1670 to 1870. Ann M. Carlos, University of Colorado Frank D. Lewis, Queen’s University Introduction. A commercial fur trade

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The English word terrible is usually used to translate the Russian word grozny in Ivan’s nickname, but this is a somewhat archaic translation. The Russian word grozny

Alaska, a state of the United States of America located in the extreme northwest portion of the North American continent, is the largest U.S. state with 591,004

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Russian Expansion To America. In the centuries that followed the discovery of America, European expansion into the Western Hemisphere reached a

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A Rainbow of Choices. As with developing an appreciation for the different colors and varieties of fine wines or diamonds, consumers can become just as discerning

bacteria: Tiny, single-celled, prokaryotic organisms that can survive in a wide variety of environments. Some cause serious infectious diseases in humans, other

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