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Makeup Bella Hadid Reveals First Dior Beauty Campaign “I have dreamt about this moment since I was a !”

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This mixed-race couple were excited to welcome their twin mans into the world. But it wasn’t until the moment they were born that mom and man realized just how

Jul 10, 2014 · Teen pregnancy costs millions of dollars annually. A Colorado free contraception program may have found a way to solve the problem.

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Two 17-year-old teens have been sentenced for torturing and butchering an elderly woman, less than three weeks after a pair of 10-year-olds were charged with

May 31, 2017 · More women 40 and older are having babies as teen birth rates are on the decline. A new study describes the potentially life-threatening health risks that

Although toxic shock syndrome (TSS) can be serious, it’s a very rare illness.

This Teen Was Hours From Death After Getting Toxic Shock Syndrome “I had told her not to wear a tampon overnight but of course, being 14, she thought she knew better.”

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Sexual Health + Identity 7 Vital Facts You Need to Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome No, it’s not a myth.

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A contraceptive sponge is a donut-shaped polyurethane device containing spermicide & a woven polyester loop. It protects against pregnancy but not STIs.

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Give HepB dose #1 within 24hrs of birth to all medically stable infants weighing >2000g and born to HBsAg-negative mothers. Give dose #2 at age 1–2m and the final

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